Automatic Hand Dryer
  • Product :
  • Features :
    • - Antibacterial resin
    • - Triple HEPA-filter
    • - Water-level sensor
    • - Filter replacement period notification
    • - Heater
    • - Water splashing prevention
    • - Triple safety devices
    • - 6-Step wind speed control

Antibacterial Resin

Body and parts made from antibacterial resin
Hygienic by preventing germs from spreading

Triple HEPA-filter

Clean air inhaled by HEPA-filter
Hygienic by blocking bathroom smell

Water-level Sensor

Easy water-level check at drain pan

Filter Replacement Period Notification

Notify when filter
replacement is needed


Fast dry with warm air heater function
Decrease power consumption by reduced use time

Water Splashing Prevention

Downward wind direction
No water splashing

Triple Safety Devices

Triple safety structure of temperature fuse,
overcurrent fuse, and electronic bimetal

6-step Wind Speed Control

Convenient user-friendly 6-step wind speed control

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