Electronic Self-close Valve
  • Product :
  • Patent No. :
    • 10-1423080-0000  (Saving Style Water Tap of Electric Type)
    • 10-1381287-0000  (Saving Style Water Tap with Embedded Battery)
  • Features :
    • - World’s first electronic self-close valve
    • - Accurate water supplying time
    • - Inter-stop function
    • - Compatible with other models

World’s First Electronic Self-close Valve

Convenient electronic operation unlike existing mechanical self-close valve

Water Supplying Time Control

User can control water supplying time (20sec, 30sec)

Accurate Water Supplying Time

Accurate water supplying as time set
Water-saving effect

Inter-stop Function

Water saving effect by saving wasted water with inter-stop function

Compatible with Other Models

Compatible with other mechanical typed self-close valves
Convenient with only valve body replacing

Product Advantages
1. Operation Method
Electronic : electronic operation method by lithium battery 3.6V
2. Water Supplying time
Regular water supplying time of 20sec, 30sec with electric control
3. On/Off
Turn on/off with only one-push
4. Water Supplying Time Set
Easy water supplying time set
by changing light display from outside
of product Blue light : 20sec / Red light : 30sec
5. Compatibility with Other Models
Compatible with other models with corresponding adaptors
6. Durability
Low product damage risk by gentle touch with magnetic diagram contact
7. Waterproof
Fully water-proof by combination with shape packing and O-ring
8. Great Water Saving Effect
Regular water supplying time minimizes wasting
water About 80% of water volume compared to other brands
(25-30% of saving water by our comparative test)
Product Specification
Product Line
TBT110AShower with
Self-close Valve(Standing)
TBT111AShower with
Self-close Valve(Standing-Concealed)
TBT112AShower with
Self-close Valve(Sitting)